Thursday, February 21, 2008

Kamal on a new note!

Southie biggie Kamal Haasan is a happy man these days.

His failed second marriage, to Bollywood actress Sarika, is put behind him. And what he has to look forward to now is his 100 crore project Marmayogi, plus their pretty musician daughter Shruti’s debut in movies, which Kamal as a nervous father is anxiously looking forward to.
"Marmayogi will be shot in Hindi as well," Kamal says. "But I’m doing things at my own pace. I’m one of the few filmmakers in Chennai who takes every Sunday off." That’s all he will talk about his work. Shruti is a more interesting topic. Back from LA where she was studying music, Shruti is staying with Kamal currently. "She consulted me before taking the decision to join films. Naturally, I was nervous. But I’m happy now. Had she chosen to be a nuclear scientist, I would have been clueless whether she would succeed or not, but this profession I know and understand," he says.

Kamal has faith in Shruti. He has advice for her but prefers if she discovers the exciting world of films herself. What would really excite him is a project with Shruti. "Of course, it would be interesting to work with my daughter. But it has to be an apt script. A great father-daughter story would be a perfect casting for us," he says, hoping somebody will come up with such a script.

That apart, the great actor is now into God bashing and publicly denouncing the futility of faith. "I don’t follow any religion. A lot of differences have happened between God and me," admits the actor. Like his personal setbacks? "All your decisions come from respect and disrespect of certain things that have affected you. But notwithstanding my personal life, I have enough factors around me to support my decision. I am deeply hurt by what is happening around in the name of religion. I personally feel, whenever there is a crisis, God becomes a mere witness. I am happy with my decision," he explains. And when imbalances upset his life? "So far, I’ve been able to survive without that connection, and I will be lucky to cross the hurdles without any divine intervention," he smiles. "It’s like getting a fit body after you give up certain things."


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