Thursday, February 21, 2008

"Yes, I'm doing Raju Hirani's Idiots" - Aamir Khan

"Yes I am doing Raju Hirani's film being produced by Vinod Chopra tentatively titled Idiots," writes Aamir Khan in the latest entry on his blog thus confirming the speculation about the fate of Hirani's film. Aamir had acknowledged before the release of Taare Zameen Par that he is considering Hirani and Vinod Chopra's offer provided he likes the final script. His latest post confirms reclusive superstar's plans post Ghajini Remake this year.

Aamir begins his latest post by spilling the shooting plans, "Ghajini resumes, shooting today on the roads of Bombay." Reportedly, this action thriller has earned the unique distinction of being sold for a whopping Rs 90 crore. Confirming the same, Sandeep Bhargava, Head of The Indian Film Company said, "Ghajini has been the highest grossing Tamil hit. I believe that the remake of Ghajini will be one of the biggest films of this year. It stars Aamir Khan, so it's a special film. We have acquired it at a value that includes marketing and print expenses. We are working out a distribution strategy for the movie."

Talking about the famed resolutions to his fans, Aamir further writes, "I have managed to stick to no smoking, my workouts have begun again, diet is also getting back slowly though sometimes I break it, and sleeping is still not totally in place though that has seen an improvement too." Khan has been following a strict exercise regimen of three and a half hours and above for six days a week as he wants to get into super shape for the latter half of Ghajini as he shall be bare bodied for most parts. In fact he told his physical trainer Satyajit that he would make such a fantastic body that people will flock the theatres just to see his fine toned physique.

In an exclusive interview with Bollywood Hungama last week Satyajit said, "Whenever you'll see him in the film, you'll say, wow that's Aamir Khan. For last one year he is working really hard He weighed 84 kgs but now he has lost around 16 kgs. I can't say much but he is looking superb." The perfectionist Khan has built a gym combining two garages within his society and it has cost him an eye-popping Rs 55 lakhs. He did pose for a magazine last month while exercising but he was wearing a full sleeves shirt for he doesn't wish to give away his toned look yet. Hmmmm….talk about being secretive!

It seems he has left the grand success of TZP behind and is looking forward to the road ahead. Yet there's some work left on his directorial debut. "As for DVD release of TZP… work on that is progressing but a little slow. Be assured that I am working very hard to come out with the best quality and some really special extras," Aamir writes. Well, knowing the man who stands true to most of what he says TZP DVD will be something to look forward to. As of now, how about try-n-get-the-info on where Aamir is shooting for Ghajini and letting us know pronto!


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