Tuesday, January 05, 2010

‘Endhiran’ action on train

If an action sequence is filmed on top of a running train then that scene is sure to become one of the highlights of the movie. Movies like ‘Senthoorapove’ in which Vijayakanth and Ramki ran all over the train to fight the villains was one of the much talked action scenes of the nineties. Director Shankar later filmed a memorable train action sequence for his ‘Gentleman’.

Now Shankar is doing it again. And this time it is going to be bigger and better because it is for ‘Endhiran’. Film lovers would not have forgotten the hair rising train action scene in ‘Murattukalai’ in which the super star performed some scintillating actions. The train fight in ‘Murattukalai’ is by far the best action sequence on a moving train so far. The classic action deserves special status because it was done at a time when special effects were very rare and computer graphics was no where. Director SP Muthuraman has himself stated on many occasions that the super star performed most of the stunts with out a dupe for the sequence.

Now Shankar has just completed the shoot of an action scene on a train for his ‘Endhiran’. The location was Lonavala near Mumbai. As the location comes in the railway heritage corridor between Mumbai and Pune special permission was granted by the railway ministry at the behest of our Home Minister P. Chidambaram. Here too the Super Star has performed the action scenes without using body double under Peter Hein master.

When two greats in Shankar and Rajini are coming together for a similar scene you can expect it to be the mother of all actions.


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