Saturday, January 16, 2010

Penelope Cruz puts her money on Shekhar Kapur -

Looks like film-maker Shekhar Kapur has managed to charm Penelope Cruz immensely.

The Spanish actress is so impressed by Kapur that she is ready to produce a film if the Indian is willing to direct it.

Kapur said, “It is true that Penelope is ready to produce a movie and wants me to direct it. We have had meetings about it and she is very excited to start this film as soon as possible. It will obviously have her in the lead.

"Unfortunately, I cannot tell you much about the film since we haven’t even started shooting. However, the movie will be an experimental one and will see Penelope in a never-before-seen image.”

Cruz stars in Kapur's forthcoming film Paani. She has a plum role in the film that is reported to be a futuristic one set in Mumbai. Sources said the film narrates the tale of a forbidden romance between an elite woman and a man who is a revolutionary of sorts.

“She [Cruz] has a great role in my film," Kapur said. "Penelope is one of the most talented actors in the world today. She gets into the skin of any character effortlessly. It will be a pleasure to direct her again. She is very spontaneous and adds depth to her characters.”

Though Kapur was tight-lipped about the film Cruz wants to produce, a source said it is a period film with a dash of fantasy.

“Both Shekhar and Penelope are extremely busy to start anything new," the source said. "Besides acting in Sex And The City 2, Penelope is looking after her maiden production venture Haunted Heart.

"Meanwhile, Shekhar is directing two big-budget Hollywood movies — Larklight and The Sadhu. Only after finishing these will the duo be able to get together for another movie."

The source said the script for the film is being worked upon. "Penelope will have grand costumes and the canvas of the film will be huge," the source said. "It won’t be before the end of the year that you would get to hear anything more about the project.”

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