Saturday, January 02, 2010

Endhiran action scenes in Lonavala

Rajinikant has done some daring action scenes in a moving train for his Shankar directed Endhiran, in Lonavala. The scene also featured Aishwarya Rai and was choreographed by action director Peter Haynes.
Lonavala lies between Mumbai and Pune and is a beautiful hill station. The producers Sun Pictures has managed to get one of the most picturesque locations to shoot a train sequence.
Normally train sequences for Tamil films are shot either in Ooty or Shenkottai controlled by Southern Railways. For the first time Lonavala in Central Railways is being used for a Tamil film, giving it an all new look.
Amitabh Bachchan has written in his blog - “ I had a surprise visitor Rajinikant in my room at the Fariyas resort in Lonavala. He is shooting forRobot with Aishwarya in and around Lonavala and dropped in for a chat as he had seen my Paa.”

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