Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Shankar trying to match AR Rahman's work

Shankar and expensive sets have always been synonymous. We have seen it before in Anniyan and Sivaji. So, will Endhiran be left out? No!

Endhiran team is planning to create an extravagant set to shoot a song. What is so special about this song is that director Shankar and art director Thotta Tharani have made extra efforts. The Shankar - Thotta Tharani combo has worked exceptionally well and Thotta Tharani is also behind the the fascinating, dream-like set created for the song 'va ji va ji' for Sivaji.

Rumor also has it that AR Rahman has plans to rope in about eight top Bollywood singers to croon for his music. So the set will be a complement to the song, we hear.


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