Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Not a youth anymore after Endhiran?

We must have learnt that Rajini is donning the role of a Scientist in Shankar’s ‘Endhiran’, but actually we will get to see a never-seen-before, young and smart Rajini. Shankar who made Superstar as fair as a European is working on boosting the youth factors of our Superstar in ‘Endhiran’.

But, it’s the last time that we will enjoy it all…

As Rajini has decided to take up roles that will suit his real age after the release of ‘Endhiran’, he wanted to be showed as young and smart as possible. So, he had asked Shankar to pay extra attention towards his looks. And only after this, Shankar has modified his character as a scientist student.

We might have been shocked by Rajini’s unexpected choice of doing roles that suits his age; however, his close friends say that it’s been a long since our Superstar had decided this. Looks like he had shared the same with his buddy Amitabh Bachchan, while he was working for ‘Endhiran’ in Lonawala.

So, after ‘Endhiran’ we can see Rajini doing dignified character roles like Amithji…


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