Saturday, June 28, 2008

Congrats, A R Rahman

In the video film, Chithra said Rahman took Tamil Film Music across the oceans. S P Balasubramaniam said it was Rahman's father Sekar who gave him his maiden opportunity, in a Malayalam film. Vaali was at his best when he suggested that Rahman should never forget his Tamil roots even when he is experimenting with Western music.

It is great to win a Lifetime Achievement award at forty. And yet, Rahman was, as usual humble. "What are you going to teach your children?". And he said, "My wife will teach them." "And what will you teach your wife?". "Oh, she is teaching me a lot", said the one and only Rahman. Incidentally, his wife was there too.

What music does he like to listen to? All kinds, especially those of the early sixties. "There are times when I cut myself away totally from music", said the prodigious composer and song-writer.


He was born on January 6, 1966., in a musically inclined family. At four, he started learning piano. At nine, his father died, leaving on his young shoulders, the burden of supporting the family. He cut his musical teeth at eleven in Ilayaraja's orchestra, as a keyboard player.

With Ilayaraja and subsequently with other troupes, he travelled around the world. In between, he won a coveted degree in Western Classical music from the Oxford University. He has worked with internationally reputed artistes and groups.

This Asian Mozart's music had sold millions of copies worldwide. This melodic genius has brought about a freshness to film music. Apart from Carnatic classical, he is an amazing master of Western Classical jazz and rock. Who else could be a bigger representative of Indian Music?

It all started with Roja in 1992.. He has never looked back. He started redefining contemporary Indian music and continued his colossal stride with memorable compositions like those in Bombay, Dil Se, Taal, Lagan, Kathalan, Indian, Duet, Minsaarak Kanavu.....the list is unending.

His Vande Mataram is unforgettable. His collaboration with the legendary Andrew Lloyd Webber created history with their �Bombay Dreams'.

Padma Shri Rahman is highly philanthropic and that made him an honourary Rotarian. He has many decades of music still left in him and we wish him many more years of immortal compositions.

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