Thursday, June 26, 2008

Costly selection mistake that Kamal made!

It took five years of hard work, sweat and dedication to make a movie, which is bound to make every Indian proud, and take tamil cinema to a different horizon. Sadly though, the musical score sounds as if it has been done in a jiffy. There has been no thought process that has gone into the songs. When a music director gets an opportunity for such a film, he must buckle up and give a album that is never heard so far.

Ilayaraja elevates himself and his music for people like Mani Ratnam and Bharathiraja; Rehman does miraculous music for Mani Ratnam and Shankar. The crux is that when a larger than life director gives you a chance to compose music for his film you give music that is larger than life too. But Himesh, sadly though, remains the same old Himesh giving tunes that are not any different than the tunes he composes for the many low profile Hindi film, which stars people like Emran Hashmi. The songs are heavily inspired or rather borrowed from the many A.R. Rehman classics and the only original tune Oh… Oh… Sanam fails to impress. The orchestration instrumentation and the sound quality are amateurish. We are left wondering how such a great thinker like Kamal, who chose all this resources for the film in a proper way, got the wrong idea of choosing Himesh for the songs part. When here in south there is such raw talent, it was fate that it had to go to someone in the north and that too to some one who did not deserve it. I hope that we can get to hear better music from someone with a richer talent for Kamal`s next magnum opus


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