Saturday, June 28, 2008

‘Marmayogi’ - Fund raiser for ‘Maruthanayagam’?

Every passionate filmmaker has an innate desire to express himself or herself with an ideology or thought that is close to the heart. Everyone who is oriented with Tamil cinema knows that Kamal Haasan has been thirsting for quite a while to make a film called 'Maruthanayagam'. The only reason this film is still waiting in the wings is due to the fact that it involves production costs no other Indian film can ever fathom.

Knowing Kamal Haasan and his precision skills for perfection, the film would involve state-of-the-art technological gizmo and exuberant artistes, technicians, Computer Generated Imagery and sets that do justice to the period film that Kamal Haasan has in mind.

The film did manage to take off some years ago in the presence of Queen Elizabeth but then 'the still to come to terms' Indian film industry was not ready for a trend setting cinematic adventure that Kamal Haasan is very capable of. The venture being called off brought many traits of the film industry into question. The most appalling reason being no production house, not even a conglomeration of production houses wanting to involve themselves in a trend-setting mission and that too having a tried and tested stalwart in Kamal Haasan by their side.

Would all these developments simmer down Kamal Haasan's passion for filmmaking? The answer is an emphatic NO. The maverick in Kamal Haasan was bound to take over and the result could be simply spectacular. He seems to be taking on the 'traditionally adhered to production values' all by himself.

Taking on the mantle of producing ‘Marmayogi’ on a first copy basis, the writer, director, actor is hopeful of cashing it big with this project. No guesses again as to where all the money would go. Obviously to realize his dream of making 'Maruthanayagam' come true.

Despite Dasavatharam's mixed reviews, the film is running to packed houses. This is testimony enough that the film has indeed penetrated and is permeating within the hearts of general audiences. A huge boost for the lone war that Kamal Haasan is fighting.

With general audiences by his side the versatile actor could very well come out on the winning side. If that happens a trend would have been created. A trend that would put Indian Cinema firmly on world screens.

Way to go Kamal….keep fighting….


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