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Interview: Producer and Chachu Aamir Khan on 'Jaane Tu'

Aamir Khan with nephew Imran Khan. Photo Credit: Sawf News

June 22, 2008 (Sawf News) - Aamir Khan wants to be identified with quality cinema, whatever is his association with it: actor, director or producer, so he exercises due diligence. However, once he is satisfied he minds his own business and lets his team members bank on their own creativity.

Known to be reclusive earlier, Aamir readily interacts with the media and his fans now. He is currently busy promoting his production Jaane Tu... Ya Jaane Na, which is to be released in theaters on July 4. The film marks the Bollywood debut of Aamir's nephew Imran Khan.

Aamir answers questions about the film, his own future plans and friend Shahrukh Khan, the actor, not the dog, with endearing forthrightness.

So you are launching your nephew Imran Khan…

Actually, it didn't start that ways… Jaane Tu was being produced by Jhamu Sugandh, along with two other films. Unfortunately there was a financial crisis and Jaane Tu… was without a producer. When Imran Khan and Abbas Tyerwala narrated the script to me I just fell in love with it. As a producer or an actor, rather wherever, I put my name, I want the audience to identify that the film will be a quality cinema. After, I decided to produce the film, I went through all the auditions to check if they were perfect for their roles… only then did, I approve. But now that the film is ready it brings back emotional memories of Chachajaan, launching me in QSQT. Our families are very close and we all have grown up together, Mansoor, Nuzhat, Nikhat, and me. All my formative years were spending at their house itself….

What do you think of Abbas Tyrewala, as a director?

Abbas Tyerwala is very talented and that is reflected in his earlier works. He has written scripts for Munnabhai, Maqbool… I really like his sense of humor. When he approached me, I had asked him to shoot 5 scenes based on which, I decided to produce the film. He did a commendable job and I was confident of him.

Imran Khan in a still from Jaanu Tu…. Photo Credit: Sawf News

Having mentioned about QSQT, heard you had gone around to places, taxis and stuck posters, stickers of your movie?

Yes, I have done that; you see earlier newcomers faced a lot of difficulties. Unlike today we never had platforms where we could promote our films. In fact, I remember Juhi and I hardly gave any Interviews and the few that we gave never got any coverage…but, now the awareness has become a lot more and there are lot many platforms…. (He laughs)

So you mean it has become easier for Imran Khan ?

Yes, it has, as compared to my time things have really changed a lot. These young actors like Imran, Genelia don't require doing all that…

You are accused of interfering with your films…

Actually, to the contrary, I was not there for a single day of the shoot of Jaane Tu… Ya Jaane Na. I was shooting for Taare Zameen Par at the same time as the Jaane Tu… was being shot. In fact there was a very funny incident that I recall. I was traveling or rather passing by Bandra Bandstand and I saw a shooting happening there at Bandstand. Curiosity got better of me and I stopped to see who was shooting in middle of night at Bandstand. When, I got down, I was surprised to see Mansoor Khan, Abbas Tyerwala and Imran Khan shooting for Jaane Tu…; that was the only day, that, I was on sets of Jaane Tu…, and that too accidentally.

What do you think of the Music of the film?

I love the music… AR Rahman is one of the big talents in the music world. After a long time, he has come up with a youthful, light album. He has basically followed the style of the film very well.

Aamir Khan, we have seen different facets of yours in your movies.

I have actually lived a full life as an actor. I have always tried learning and growing with each role that, I play. And I have felt the change in my personality with every movie. In fact more than me, I'm sure you all must have noticed that.

Genelia in a still from Jaanu Tu…. Photo Credit: Sawf News

Your blog keeps you in news…. Especially about SRK blog?

You know, what Shah Rukh Khan and I keep joking with each other...we have such a comfort level with each other, that we can understand a joke as a joke…That's the strength of our friendship and the understanding we share. He has made fun of me several times in past and I have understood that as a joke. However most of our fans didn't appreciate the humor, so I apologized to them for hurting their feelings… In fact, we spoke couple of days back… I had called him to invite him for the premiere.

For the premiere of the movie, you have called both Amitji and Shah Rukh?

Yes… it was an emotional moment for the family and I know that, Chachajaan would have wanted to call the fraternity. I have called all my friends and colleagues from the industry.

Is the song "Pappu can't dance" hinting at Salman Khan?

No…How can that be? Firstly, Salman is a very good dancer…

So what are the plans for Aamir Khan Productions…

Jaane Tu…releases on July 4… As an actor, I have Ghajini releasing this year then in production, I have two films. Delhi Belly and one more untitled film by Anusha…after, I complete Ghajini, I would be starting Raju Hiran's next film.


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